About Me

For a couple of years I’ve ignored part of me.

The part of me that becomes totally absorbed in nature, stopping to smell lilac flowers, to touch shiny leaves, to close my eyes and listen to the birds.

Moving to the edge of the Peak District, with stunning views from both the front and the back of my new house has inspired me to rediscover the joy of nature.

I’ve visited some beautiful places all over the UK in the past few years, due to learning to ride a motorbike, loving it and going on all sorts of adventures. Some of the views from my bike have been astounding and I plan to see many more. But, the close up detail of individual plants and animals needs to come back into my life, alongside my new passion.

So, here I am, January 2018, excitedly looking forward to new beginnings. This is my first house together with my partner, along with the four teenagers we have between us. I think all of us will have times of needing to find peace and solace in the nature around us!

Join me on my walks, help me to bring more bees and butterflies into my garden, share your knowledge of nature with me and, most of all, enjoy my observations and adventures.